Tengo una buena mamá- day 2

My host mommy took me to school today after feeding me a ton of food. She rode the bus with me. After my bout with

UAG building

lonliness last night, I was desperate to make friends. As soon as I met the other exchange students I made them give me their whole names. They will have to be my friends whether they like it or not. It seems like half the exchange students

are from Korea. I thought there would be a larger group of students from North America.

My ID. This is what trying not to smile looks like.

My placement exam probably didn’t go as it should have but I think it will be more fun this way. After orientation, a group of students went to a bar. It is amazing what one rum and coke can do in Mexico. Wooo

I guess I missed a few memos about packing. I had to use a t-shirt today to dry myself after my shower.


January 8, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Will replied:

    I like your ID picture

  2. MOM replied:

    Hope you got all your supplies today. Have a rum and coke on your mommy. Love you….mama d

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