take off- guadalajara day 1

Well I am here on my little adventure after sowin my wild oats during break haha. This what I have wanted for so long. I hope it turns out well. I am still so nervous. Today, was a long day of one thing after another to stress about. The first flight from Omaha to Dallas wasn’t too bad. I just hate flying so much. How is not everyone ready to start relieving themselves in their seats? We are

My nephew in my suitcase.

35,000 feet above the ground in a shaking tube. I accept death before I fly. A guy in front of me was passing out Xanax. In my head, I was like “Oooo give me!”but I went drug-free.  After the flight, this guy said that he had to have secondary check where they tested his hands to see if there was bomb-making materials on them. That’s comforting.

Omaha airport

The flight from Dallas to Guadalajara to was so choppy. The flight attendant man was bouncing all over the place as he handed me my diet coke. I survived though. Then, I got to the airport, and a man from the university picked me up and took me to my host family’s house. That all went smoothly. My host mom is really nice. She is like a grandma. The house is bigger than I thought it would be and more open. I don’t have a roommate. I kind of wish I did. I need someone who can’t speak Spanish either to feel my pain with. Right now, it probably seems like I just know the word “Sí.” The phrase I understand most clearly in Spanish is “Emily no entiende nada.” Clearly this is not true. haha

Vomit ride

My host mom, Magdalina, already asked me I was sad “Estás triste?” Well only after you asked me! All I have done is here is eat, take a nap, then eat again. Tomorrow is orientation. I am so worried that I won’t test into the right classes for my level. I

Mi cuarto

have done a great job of not speaking Spanish in my Spanish classes, and still getting mostly A’s. I hope to meet some people tomorrow. Otherwise Emily is going to be lonely for six months!

Mi vista


January 7, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Will replied:

    I don’t want emily to be sad. Be happy, you rock at Spanish

  2. MOM replied:

    Emily….start putting pics on your foto q day….missing your photography art. Love you lots….go to Walmart and get your supplies…towels and toiletry items. Need to let me know how to go on skype.

  3. ispill replied:

    MOM you can use your real name.

  4. Colleen replied:

    Hope that all is going well! When I moved to SD I sat down next to a girl at teacher orientation and said, “Hi, I don’t know anyone here. Want to be friends?” It’s funny how everyone else is kind of wishing that someone would say that. I’m looking forward to more posts!

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