what my future husband must live up to

Why I love my dad…

He rides the cart at the grocery store.

He closes his eyes and drifts into deep “meditation” at mass.

He has the best yard in the world. Years ago, a little girl would go out and ask him questions while he worked.

When I was five, he would accidently fall asleep in my other twin bed as he waited for me to fall asleep.

His jokes are like farts. He can’t hold them in. He lets his jokes blanket the air. Usually a joke is the only words he will speak the whole evening. He will have one or two and just bask with pride in them.5608_152151818941_636278941_3406605_2653363_s

He thinks that he good at singing. He has a playlist in his head on repeat including “Garden Party”, “L-O-V-E” and “Downbound Train”.

He wears his jeans pretty snugly until they have holes in the butt.

He wears the clothes my mom buys him in a way that still allows everyone to make fun of him. “You bought me these clothes!” he will say covered in brown from head to toe.

He says he hates dogs but still nuzzles with puppies.

5608_123013468941_636278941_2918646_5149214_nHis hugs hurt.

He will constantly ask us, “How did you get to be so cute?”

He eats generous amounts of vanilla ice cream while watching the Weather Channel and the “H” channel.

When I call him, he answers the phone with, “Who is this?”

He doesn’t know how to use a cell phone.s636278941_1208579_3913

He loved his OnStar phone.

He trained me for my storied Cross Country career. I only came in last once!

His sneezes are loud and usually unexpected to everyone else but him.

The way he use to clean the stove with Lemon Soft Scrub after making us dinner at 10’o’clock

Wherever he goes by car, he runs inside.n636278941_1743485_3885

He rides the Schwinn aerodyne until he looks like death.

He scares little kids at football games with his comments.

He rear ends old ladies in parking lots right after they get their Sunday ice cream.

He use to make us cry when he helped us with math. “What do you mean you don’t understand?”

He always tries to kiss my mom when she is mad at him.

He scared his children to death (but not Ann) the summer he thought he had

This is my dad : )

This is my dad : )

Lou Gehrig’s Disease but in the end had a pinched nerve in his butt from crossing his legs too much.

He runs into the mailboxes with his car.

Whenever I think of him, I smile.


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  1. Lauren replied:

    I love you dad too! so cute 🙂

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