Four and half years ago upon hearing of the pregnancy of my oldest sister, I told my mom half-jokingly, “My best friend is going to be born.” As a 16- year old, I cringed as my mother told her friends what I said.  Little did I know that this guy would start at the age of four would actually introduce me as his best friend without being prompted. Dream come true I guess! 😉

My nephew upset with Aunt Emily. When he looks at it now, he laighs and says.,"I was really mad."

My nephew upset with Aunt Emily. When he looks at it now, he laughs and says,"I was really mad."

I drove home seven hours this weekend to see my best friend. I could hear him on the phone as I was driving “Em-a-wee get to gramma’s. I am jumping up and down!”

If I had to think of one thing that could make me happy on the spot it would be my nephew. He is instant joy. I got to spend all day Thursday and Friday with him.

He is a pretty good best friend. He knows when I shouldn’t sleep too much. “Em-a-wee-, it is wake up time!”

I tell him, “No, it is sleep time.”

He will  immediately point out to me that it is not dark out. Touche, touche. I could really use someone like this at school. He is relentless at getting me out of bed. If someone could grab my eyelids and pull then open, I would never miss class.

My favorite moment this weekend was when we made pie. I accidentally bought pastry puff crust for the top of the pie, and it burned quickly into baking. I told my nephew it was burning. He immediately ran through the house informing my mom and the cleaning lady. “The house is burning! The house is burning!” I thought he was going to start evacuating them.

After I took off the burnt top and replaced it, I put it back it in the oven. The pie looked decent. The cleaning lady told me that I didn’t bake it long enough, and that’s why it was still juicy. So I kept walking around waiting for pie to gelatinize, and I kept saying it’s juicy, it’s juicy. Before my nephew left, we sat down and  ate a piece together. After we were done I asked him, “Did we do a good job? Was it good?”

With a big smile, he said “Yeah! It was juicy!”

Everything is so much more fun through the eyes of child. I am so glad to be able share these little experiences with my best bud!


October 17, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. MOM replied:

    Today I picked Scotty up from preschool. I saw him making a b line to me. Running with all his might, a big smile on his face as he jumped into my arms then looking into my eyes..he asked …Where is Em-a-wee? I replied that you were in Oklahoma. He paused and said why is she in Oklahoma. That boy loves his special best friend.

  2. Lucy replied:

    cutest story ever!

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