conversation with grandma

I called my 80ish year-old grandma this week. She has been fighting cancer for the last couple years. I began the conversation normally “HI GRANDMA!” Then she asked me about my job and I said, “Oh it is great! I can do all my homework there.” After that she asked me how I was. With a sigh I said, “Oh, I am fine.” Then Grandma said, “Well you know it isn’t easy.” I responded with “I know! My mom thinks this supposed to be such a fun time but it is hard.” She replied with “You are right. It is a journey. It is a journey.” I was thinking wow my grandma completely gets me. She understands that college isn’t exactly the best years ever. I then told her that I was coming home next week. She was really excited. The conversation then came to an end. “Oh bye Grandma, I love you.” She closed the conversation with “I love you too. I can’t wait to see you and the baby next week.” I got off the phone, and then it all made sense. She thought I was my sister Liz who has a baby, a job and a husband. I got squat compared to that. So much for it’s a journey.

pssshh it is so journey too.


October 10, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Uncategorized.

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  1. Lauren replied:

    this is an entire chapter in your memoir.

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