my die list

My oldest sister is turing 30 in the next six months so I thought I better get moving on this. My time will be up before I know it. 😉 As others have so often done, I have created my own little bucket list, but die list always comes up in my head first so that is what it shall be called. If anyone, would like to help me attain these goals, just let me know.

1. Ride on the back or front of a motorcycle with hot guy

2. Skinny dip. (hot guy not necessary)

3. Take voice lessons. I don’t know if anyone else has karaoke fantasies where you imagine yourself just kicking ass but I do. Karaoke Revolution may have already proven me wrong, but I still have hope.

4. Learn badass dance moves. If I am going to dance, it must be choreographed or secretly choreographed. I have only found one other person I can dance like a fool with. She is the person who stares back at me in public restrooms, reflecting pure awesomeness for an “out to eat bathroom break dance” session.

5. Become fluent in Spanish.

6. Write and make-fun of people all day!

7. Build giant tree house.

8. Live forever!!

p.s. I will take suggestions


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One Comment

  1. Lauren replied:

    8. chicago and/or europe with Lauren.
    9. write a memoir…i have no doubt it would be a bestseller.

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