The start of college football and yes there is no place like Nebraska


Emilita at the 1997 Fiesta Bowl

21 years and four days ago my dad went to a football game. 21 years and three days ago my twin and I were born. My mom, pregnant with twins, had been on bed rest for two weeks, During this time she had been taking medicine to stop contractions. On September 3, 1988, she had her bags packs. She was ready to have her babies. But facing her that morning was my father husker-clad and ready for the first football game of the season. “Do you really want six doctors to miss the game?” he asked her. My father being a physician himself advised her to continue taking the contraction killing medicine. Tom and I were born on Sunday September 4th, 1988.

I went to OU for college, and I am often ridiculed for my lack of Sooner football love. Can you really blame me? My birth was postponed so my dad could go to a Cornhusker game. I am sorry people I didn’t come here for the football team. The tradition is in my blood, and I can’t stray from it. It is all we have in Nebraska. Don’t get me wrong I loove Nebraska, but it one of those places you have to live in to understand its greatness. Most people think it is just corn.

I have decided this year to try and get more school spirit. This is my college for goodness sakes. But when I hold my right hand up with my index finger up in the air at an OU game, I just stare at it and think this is very wrong.

Love to Husker Nation,



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