My 21st Birthday

This “never had a whole drink in her life” girl’s journey as a 21-year old began with a glass of champagne…

My 25- year old sister came up to help me celebrate. As I recall the night went like this: I felt fine. I felt like I was going to throw up. I threw up. After the first glass of champagne, we went to my first ever bar. It was pretty exciting when8234_155817468941_636278941_3459256_6981606_n they took my driver’s license. I had a shot that I guess was called birthday cake or something. Then, I had a cherry vodka tonic. I enjoyed observing the people in the bar. I swear these girls must have gotten their dresses in the juniors’ section. They looked like shirts. Deep down, I was still jealous of their rhythmic dance moves. People in bars are so interesting. I must people watch there again.

The next bar we went to they gave me a shot then ordered me a Long Island Ice tea. I think this Long Island Ice tea was where it all went wrong. As I was sipping it I was thinking 1. This is gross. 2. Gosh my sister already sounds tipsy. Do I sound like that? 3. Why hasn’t my awkward worn off? I made an executive decision to stop sipping from the straw. Suddenly, the drink tasted much better and poof it was gone. At this point, my tummy already hurt. My senses began to depress. I was like ughhhh I feel like I can’t hear, like I was trapped in a body I couldn’t fully control. If this was drunk, then why do people like it so much. I just felt like I had the flu.

The ride home was very hard. I felt like my head was going to explode. I even remember trying to speak Spanish on the phone. When we got back to the house I felt very dizzy. After I changed, my mouth watered, and I headed to the toilet, There, I saw my steak dinner that now looked like Chunky Beef soup.  Haleilujah throwing up was greeat. I felt soooo much better. The night ended with me tucking myself in and falling asleep like a little 21-year old baby.

Anyway like a lot of things in history, never again Long Island Ice tea.*



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