Emo to you

In the past year when as my mom puts I began to get “a little down”, my lovely brother tried to bestow on me the nickname Emo ( great play on Emily, well done). He told me I was in my “Bell Jar” phase: when smart girls get depressed.

Although he may actually be concerned now because in the last week he has stopped through town feeding me ice cream and pizza and still I get reports from my mom that he thinks I am depressed. Pizza and ice cream really should make anyone happy.  😉

Being “a little down” has taken me on an interesting ride in the last year. I skipped lots of class yet my grades improved and 15 pounds later, depression may have been the best diet ever.  Lexapro is my poison. 🙂

All joking aside this may have been a long time coming. I was a foot taller than everyone until I was 12. Not to mention I am extremely far-sided so my eyes were magnified to the umpteenth degree. Feeling like you don’t belong can do a real number on you.  I still feel taller than everyone else and like I don’t know how my body moves normally.

Anyway my proof to my “long time coming” business is that I found a mix CD that I made myself in April of 2003 (8th grade) cleverly titled “Sad CD.”

Sad CD

  1. Seasons in the Sun- Terry Jack
  2. I Will Remember You- Sarah Mclachlan haha I haven’t really had to deal with death maybe I was trying to be empathetic with these first two songs.
  3. Superman- Five for Fighting oh man this one still tears me up! poor superman
  4. God Bless the USA- Lee Greenwood Unless I was being philosophical, this song is not sad, just sentimental.
  5. Old Man River – Jim Croce Apparently I could relate to African American hardships.
  6. Once Upon a Time- Perry Como I loved me some Como
  7. I Feel So – Box Car Racer Pretty angsty
  8. Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen – Louis Armstrong Me and Louis are right there with you Jesus
  9. Tracks of My Tears- Smokey Robinson I guess I wanted my lover back too.
  10. O-o-h Child- The Five  Stairsteps Always good
  11. America Again- Carman This one kind of embarrassing…
  12. I’m Already There- Lonestar mehh
  13. Stand By Me- Beatles I like this version
  14. Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me- Harry Nilsson People suck
  15. L-O-V-E- Nat King Cole I love this song! Maybe this song was to rise me up from melancholy thoughts

This new song I have heard reminds me of something I would listen to when I was 12  having myself a pity party. Maybe that’s why I like it.


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