vino de españa

vino de españa

My 21st birthday is in one week. This birthday should actually mean something to me since I made a choice not to drink until I was 21. Over the years, my actual reasons why not  have seemed to blur. I tell people it is a nice way to guilt my future children. In another way, it is my chance to passively stand out, an exception to the rule that all teenagers drink. Maybe in my  mind there’s an automatic feeling of respect when someone says they don’t drink.

In high school it was easy. None of my friends drank. In college it seemed like a great idea, I could use a social crutch. Everyone can relate to booze. It is like the universal language that I don’t happen to speak.  At times I have felt like I am missing out on the “college experience”, but then other times I drive back to my sorority at night and see a girl face-down asleep on a sidewalk,  then think well I don’t really want to sleep on the sidewalk. As a pretty shy person, I also hate the whole social atmosphere that goes along with college drinking. Barnes & Noble then a Blockbuster run sounds pretty crrrrazy to me.

Of course my parents have something to do with the decision.  My parents have brought the sheriff to our house and purchased breathalyzers. I can still remember the night my sister came home a little under the weather, that night I learned the word belligerent.  As the youngest, I observed that my parents yell a lot. I felt guilty just witnessing them yell. When your mother’s father was an alcoholic, strict parenting kind of comes with the territory.  I love my family, and we are all grateful to my sister for teaching us that sledge hammers don’t open doors.

Alcohol and I did have a small mishap with each other in the Dallas airport this past summer. While I was in Spain, I went to the Osborne Bodega.  As a gift they gave me a free bottle of wine. Even though minors aren’t supposed to carry alcohol back to the States, I decided to risk it.  As I got to Customs in Dallas, the questions began. “Are you bringing any food or drink back into the country?” I said, “No.” But the problem is I don’t have an ounce of bullshit in me. So the way I lie is that I pretty much make it so obvious that it is hard to even consider it lying. In other words, the official knew I was lying. So, I eventually got my bag and then had to go to a special place to get my bag checked. I was freakin scared out of my mind. I mean I haven’t even had a drink in whole my life, and now I am going to get an MIP. At the special place with policemen, I watched the girl ahead of me say she bought the booze for her parents. Then the cop gave her two options, one being to have all her belongings thrown out and looked through. That still sounded scary but better than getting anything on my record. So, I proceeded to my policeman. He looked at me and said, “Why are you here?” and I said “I have a bottle of wine.” Then he said “Oh wine’s fine.” then I left, happy and embarrassed.

Anyway a week from now I am looking forward to guilt-free experiences that maybe can gingerly open some social doors without a sledge hammer.


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  1. Lauren replied:

    i will always do blockbuster and barnes and noble with you, my love.

    • ispill replied:

      yeah that was for you 🙂

  2. Harrison replied:

    Did the story with your sister really happen? Please tell me it did.

    • ispill replied:

      oh yes! it did!

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